Sapphic Strokes Now Available on Amazon!

Yeah, my last post was about my Orgasmagic series, but I got a little sidetracked by way of inspiration. 😉 So here’s a little tale to keep you busy while I finish it! It’s called Sapphic Strokes, and like Pussy for Kit, it’s a story of a girl who pops her lesbian cherry at a time she least expects it. I’m going to make this a collection of stand-alone stories named (of course!) Lesbian Cherry.

Anyway, you can grab Sapphic Strokes at Amazon US and Amazon UK for now – it’s in the Kindle Select programme so you can’t get it anywhere else… for now, anyway. 😉

When Toni decides to take her sexual frustration into her own hands in a public restroom, she doesn’t mean for anyone to overhear her. So why, then, is there a girl outside the stall she’s locked herself away in, begging for Toni to let her in so she can give her a helping hand – or tongue? Why is she talking dirty to Toni when neither of them knows who the other is?

And why does Toni get off on it, when she’s never thought she was into women before now, and doesn’t even know what the girl on the other side of the door looks like?

One thing’s for sure – by the end of this smutty short story, Toni will be getting stroked by more than just her own fingers…

This 5,500 word short story features voyeurism, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mutual masturbation with a stranger, cunnilingus and finger-fucking – you know you want it! 😉

Alice Goes Wild – Out Now!

Finally! Alice is back in a fifth instalment of the Brazen Babysitters series, and she’s finding new ways to get off with every new book! Grab a copy at All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand or Smashwords now – Amazon links still to come.

Alice has never been a fan of the Great Outdoors, but when her brazen ex-babysitters, Beth and Carla, drag her out of the cabin they’re staying in for some forest sex, she reconsiders in a hurry!

When she’s not being finger-fucked against a tree or watching Beth and Carla go at it on a blanket spread out on the forest floor, she’s riding Beth’s strap-on towards her very first female ejaculation – and she loves it! Alice has found her wild side, and she and her lovers still have two more days at the remote cabin to explore their sexuality…

I’m Not Dead, and Neither is Alice!

Hey everyone,

Happy 2012! I’ve had such an insane January that I haven’t published any thing at all yet this year – but all that’s about to change…

Here’s the cover for the fifth instalment of the Brazen Babysitters series – Alice Goes Wild. In this spicy short read, Alice learns the joys of exhibitionism and vibrators, and gets up close and personal with Beth’s strap-on. Or at least, she will when I’ve finished writing it. 😉 It’s only about halfway through at the moment.

Nearly Time for Release!

Argh! I have been SO writer’s blocked. Last night I finally sat down and made myself write, so I’m about three-quarters done with my Christmas lesbians, Holly and Ivy. It turned out kinkier than I intended, so I hope that’s not a turn-off for my Brazen Babysitters readers.

Anyway, I’m not dead – I’ve just been busy! Watch this space for buy links to my newest release soon, and yes, there’ll be a new Brazen Babysitters book out before Christmas. 😉

Hectic November!

Wow! It’s been a busy month – plenty of people to see and places to go. But let’s do a little round-up of the latest spicy news:

  • Brazen Babysitters now has its first bundle – books 1-4 are collected into one convenient ebook! It’s cheaper than buying them all separately, so if you want a little lesbian menage to brighten up your day, go and take a look!
  • Brazen Babysitters book 5 will feature sex in the great outdoors – I’m not sure yet about the title, but there’ll be tons of menage-y goodness…
  • I released a short named Polygraph: Desire Revealed yesterday. It doesn’t have its own dedicated page here on the site yet, but you can pick it up here!
  • Say Yes, Alice got a lovely review from Sally at Bibrary Book Lust: check it out!