Get Entwined with Holly and Ivy!

Yay! Holly and Ivy Entwined, a kinky lesbian Christmas smutfest, is available now from the below retailers:

Grab a hot holiday read now!


Nearly Time for Release!

Argh! I have been SO writer’s blocked. Last night I finally sat down and made myself write, so I’m about three-quarters done with my Christmas lesbians, Holly and Ivy. It turned out kinkier than I intended, so I hope that’s not a turn-off for my Brazen Babysitters readers.

Anyway, I’m not dead – I’ve just been busy! Watch this space for buy links to my newest release soon, and yes, there’ll be a new Brazen Babysitters book out before Christmas. 😉

Hectic November!

Wow! It’s been a busy month – plenty of people to see and places to go. But let’s do a little round-up of the latest spicy news:

  • Brazen Babysitters now has its first bundle – books 1-4 are collected into one convenient ebook! It’s cheaper than buying them all separately, so if you want a little lesbian menage to brighten up your day, go and take a look!
  • Brazen Babysitters book 5 will feature sex in the great outdoors – I’m not sure yet about the title, but there’ll be tons of menage-y goodness…
  • I released a short named Polygraph: Desire Revealed yesterday. It doesn’t have its own dedicated page here on the site yet, but you can pick it up here!
  • Say Yes, Alice got a lovely review from Sally at Bibrary Book Lust: check it out!

Sneak Peek: Brazen Babysitters 4 – ‘Before Alice’

I’m working on Alice’s fourth sexual adventure… only it’s not really Alice-centric! She’s curious to know how her lovers, Beth and Carla, got together – so most of the book is a flashback to then, from blonde and busty Beth’s point of view.

Here’s a little taste!

I could have sworn she chanced a surreptitious glance at my cleavage, but I couldn’t be sure. This was gonna take some puzzling out. “It can be hard sometimes. I’m gonna get some hot chocolate – do you want some?”

“Sure,” she answered quickly, and I jumped up and made for the kitchenette area. Her voice followed me. “Need a hand?”

Part of me wanted space, to gather my wits and figure out how to act around her. Most of me, though, just wanted to soak up her smile. “Sure.”

While I busied myself gathering mugs and various ingredients, Carla leaned against the counter, watching me. I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the thin shirt she wore, and my nipples pebbled as I imagined what her breasts would feel like against my palms.

“Beth?” Carla’s voice was so soft that I almost missed it.

“Hmmm?” I grabbed a spoon and stirred the chocolatey liquid, hoping she hadn’t realised I was totally perving over her in her hour of need.

She hesitated, then shook her head. “Nothing.”

I turned around to hand over her mug of hot chocolate, and our fingers brushed lightly. Carla’s grip wavered, as though she was trying not to pull away quickly, and at the slight rosiness creeping into her cheeks, I gained a new confidence.

Without letting go of the mug, I reached over with my free hand, cupping her cheek. Her breath caught, and she gazed at me as if she didn’t even dare to hope for more.

I kissed her lightly, just the barest brush of my lips against hers. She froze, as if she couldn’t believe it, and just as I began to pull away she responded, leaning into the kiss. Heat pooled in my pussy, and I somehow managed to set the mug of hot chocolate aside without breaking the kiss, freeing up my arms to slip around her waist.

Carla pressed eagerly against me, sliding a hand to the back of my neck, and I teased her tongue with mine, tasting for a second, then withdrawing. She deepened the kiss, her uncertainty dropping away as she realised that kissing, at least, was still familiar territory for her.

God, I wanted her. It took all my willpower not to let my hands stray, but I managed somehow. Okay, so maybe breaking off before either of us wanted to was the only way I managed, but still…

Brazen Babysitters: Book 3 is OUT NOW!

Brazen Babysitters book three, Cabin Fever with Alice, is out now! Exciting times!

I’m thinking Alice’s fourth book will be less about Alice and more about Carla and Beth’s relationship, and how they met. I don’t want to deviate from having the word ‘Alice’ in the title, though – so I’m thinking something along the lines of A Story for Alice would be a good idea.

After book four, I’m not sure exactly where the series is headed. Maybe Alice Comes Out or Alice Alone… who knows?

Brazen Babysitters #3 Announced!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve started work on Alice’s third bout of sexy threesome fun!

In this installment, Alice takes a road trip with her lovers, Beth and Carla, to a secluded cabin in the mountains. What the three of them get up to there, you’ll have to wait and see!

Here’s the cover, and the story will hopefully be on sale early next week. 🙂