Sapphic Strokes

Sapphic Strokes is part of the Lesbian Cherry collection. You can grab it at Smashwords, Rainbow eBooks, All Romance eBooks, Amazon US and Amazon UK.

When Toni decides to take her sexual frustration into her own hands in a public restroom, she doesn’t mean for anyone to overhear her. So why, then, is there a girl outside the stall she’s locked herself away in, begging for Toni to let her in so she can give her a helping hand – or tongue? Why is she talking dirty to Toni when neither of them knows who the other is?

And why does Toni get off on it, when she’s never thought she was into women before now, and doesn’t even know what the girl on the other side of the door looks like?

One thing’s for sure – by the end of this smutty short story, Toni will be getting stroked by more than just her own fingers…

This 5,500 word short story features voyeurism, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mutual masturbation with a stranger, cunnilingus and finger-fucking – you know you want it! 😉


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