Sidonie Comes Out!

I’m a lesbian. Shocking news, I know. 😉

Anyway, that’s not what I’m coming out about. You might not be aware that I’m also the erotic romance writer Amy Valenti, with books published by Total-E-Bound Publishing and Breathless Press.

As Amy, I’ve written paranormal, crime, BDSM and menage erotic romance, and have erotic sci-fi and horror books coming out within the next four weeks. My books range from 6,000 to 75,000 words long, so there’s a size and genre for everyone. 😉

If you like a little romance with your smut, try me out! I promise I’m just as pervy, but the stories have more emphasis on plot and character development (hence the extra word counts).

99 Copies Sold, And You Want Me To Go To Bed?

Argh! My sales figures are sitting at 99 copies sold right now – that’s 99 since I started with Say Yes, Alice on 24th September. It’s 2.45am on a Tuesday night here in the UK, and I’m hitting refresh like a mad thing, because I just can’t go to bed without selling 100 copies!

Yeah, I know, hitting ‘refresh’ doesn’t generate sales. But if you happen to be reading this in the first couple of hours since I blogged it, please, just buy one of my ebooks and make my night! *grin*