Brazen Babysitters Collection – Volume 1

You can grab the first four books in the Brazen Babysitters series in one hot volume! Pick it up at Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks or Smashwords now!

Alice Lyons has been watching her next-door neighbour lesbian babysitters make out on her couch for years. Now she’s eighteen, all her sexual fantasies are about Beth and Carla, and the wall between their houses is seriously thin…

Alice loves to get off to the sounds of her ex-babysitters fucking, but what she doesn’t realise is, they know she’s listening – and they LIKE it!

One X-rated seduction later, the couple becomes a threesome – and it’s not just a one-night stand!

Penned by lesbian author Sidonie Spice, the first four books in the Brazen Babysitters series, including the Amazon erotica bestseller ‘Say Yes, Alice’, are collected here for the first time! More Brazen Babysitters stories are still to come, but this is a great place to start. 😉



The couple living next door to Alice are sexy, stunning lesbians – and the wall between their bedrooms is seriously thin! She’s been getting off to the sounds of their erotic encounters for years, sneaking downstairs to watch them together when they babysat her when she was younger.

Now Alice is eighteen, and her parents are on vacation for a week. Alice can’t wait to masturbate to her gorgeous neighbours fucking again, but what she doesn’t realise is that thin walls go two ways…

Alice is about to get more pussy than she’d ever bargained on!



Last weekend, Alice’s parents headed out to Canada for a twentieth anniversary vacation. She’s eighteen, old enough to take care of herself, but in case of emergency, they asked her lesbian neighbours to keep an eye out for her.

Alice is pretty sure ‘keep an eye out for her’ doesn’t translate as ‘bring her into your bed and teach her all the ins and outs of lesbian sex’ in her parents’ minds, but that’s the way her brazen ex-babysitters interpreted it! It’s been the best week of her life, but now her parents are coming home.

If Alice wants to keep fucking Carla and Beth, she’ll need to learn how to be quiet in bed, so her parents don’t hear her voice screaming out in ecstasy while they’re watching the evening news.

Can she pull it off?



Alice, Beth and Carla return in the third sizzling installment of the Brazen Babysitters series…

Alice might have learned a lot from her week in bed with her sexy lesbian next-door neighbours, but Carla and Beth still have more to teach her. On the way to a secluded mountain cabin, Alice and Beth get hot and bothered in the backseat, and once they get there, Carla wants in on the action, too!

This scorcher contains plenty of oral sex, dirty talk and a strap-on scene that will leave you fever-hot… and Alice’s adventures with her brazen ex-babysitters are far from over!



Alice is on vacation with her lesbian ex-babysitters, Carla and Beth, and the more time she spends with them, the more curious she gets. Finally, she asks the question: how did Carla and Beth originally get together, way back before they used to babysit for her?

This sizzling installment of the Brazen Babysitters series goes back to 2002, in a college GLBT centre where Beth stumbles across a crying Carla. A fellow freshman, Carla’s been thrown out of her dorm room by her homophobic roommate, for watching lesbian porn. What happens between these femme beauties is intense, smut-tastic and definitely parental advisory!

Their nine-year relationship starts off hot and heavy, and after all these years, their cravings for sex are stronger than ever… which is where Alice comes in!


6 thoughts on “Brazen Babysitters Collection – Volume 1

  1. AWESOME!!! Are you going to make a 5th one. I want to know what else happens Like does Alice eventually get a girlfriend and how does Beth and Carla take it. It would be hot if the three of them are together and when Alice goes to college she just moves in with them.

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