#2: Your Turn, Alice

The sequel to Say Yes, Alice contains more naughty lesbian threeway fun! Check it out at Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Amazon US and Amazon UK…

Last weekend, my parents headed out to Canada for a twentieth anniversary vacation. I’m eighteen, old enough to take care of myself, but in case of emergency, they asked my lesbian neighbours to keep an eye out for me.

I’m pretty sure ‘keep an eye out for me’ didn’t translate as ‘bring me into your bed and teach me all the ins and outs of lesbian sex’ in my parents’ minds, but that’s the way my brazen ex-babysitters interpreted it. It’s been the best week of my life, but now my parents are coming home.

If I want to keep fucking Carla and Beth, I’ll need to learn how to be quiet in bed, so my parents don’t hear my voice screaming out in ecstasy while they’re watching the evening news.

Can I pull it off? God, I don’t know, but I have to try…


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