About Sidonie

Sidonie Spice is sex obsessed, and not afraid to admit it. Kinky, sizzling smut is her forte, and she hopes to make her readers writhe with desire. She’s British, but it’s not stiff upper lips she’s interested in… if you get her drift. 😉

Her mind is a never-ending source of sexy goodness, but until she opens her mouth (or her laptop) she’s heard it said that she looks like the sweetest, most innocent girl in the world. Needless to say, she takes every opportunity to revise people’s first impressions of her. Has she convinced you yet?

You can find Sidonie on Twitter, or email her at sidonie_spice (at) aol (dot) com!

Sidonie also writes longer books in the erotic romance genre, under the pseudonym Amy Valenti, and you can find her blog, complete with links to her books, at her WordPress site.


2 thoughts on “About Sidonie

  1. I’ve just found you…Saphic Strokes which I greatly enjoyed. Dirty, erotic girl on girl sex. Really Edgy. Be assured that I shall read and, I’m sure, enjoy the others too… and the spanking stories.
    Who am I? Just a guy called Stephen.

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