Sunday Snog

I found this while browsing random blogs – hopefully it’s okay for me to take part! Victoria Blisse has a ‘Sunday Snog’ feature on her blog – post a kiss scene, basically. So, here goes!

My Sunday snog is from Punk Rock Prom Queen, my short-but-hopefully-sexy little read. And since the excerpt doesn’t specify – yes, the girl is eighteen!

“Wow. I thought my tattoos were gonna freeze off in there.”

The mental image provoked a surprisingly strong response from him. Unable to help himself, Ryan brushed her loose, dark hair back with a finger, exposing the paw print tattooed just below her ear – just one of many he’d caught a glimpse of when he’d been watching her study. “Nope, still there.”

She shivered, and he covered her neck again with a faint smile. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you colder.”

“I’m not cold any more,” she murmured, and he glanced back over at her sharply, all thoughts of getting out of the car fleeing his mind.

Callie examined the tattoo of a star on the tip of her pinkie finger, aware of his gaze on her, but avoiding eye contact. “This one’s still here, too.”

Taking her cue without stopping to think about it, Ryan took her hand and turned it over, running his thumb across the spiral tattoo on the inside of her wrist. “And this one.”

Callie’s breath caught as he followed his thumb’s path with a slow, light kiss. Her skin was still a little cool, but smooth and soft. “Do you do this to all the high-school girls you tutor?”

Guiltily, he resisted the impulse to push further, to brush his lips against the paw print on her neck. “No. You want me to stop?”

Her eyes were closed; her lips slightly parted, and it was too much of a temptation. He nuzzled at her neck, then pressed his lips against the inked paw print. She smelled of strawberry and vanilla, and he inhaled her scent deeply, feeling a tug of arousal low in his belly.

She reached up and combed her fingers through his hair, caressed his cheek, and he pulled back in time to see her shake her head in response to his question. He kissed her, his hand cupping her cheek, and she murmured wordless encouragement, leaning into his touch.

Her lips were soft, inviting, and as he licked her lower lip her tongue darted out against his. He drew her closer, nipping at her lips, exploring her mouth, and was rewarded by her cry of longing.

He lost sense of how long the kiss lasted, but Callie was the one to break it, grinning and breathless. “You gonna invite me in, or are we going to sit in the car necking like a couple of teenagers?”

The car was cooling rapidly now the heat was turned off, and it was that as much as her words that motivated Ryan. “How many more tattoos do you have?” he asked, pulling open the driver’s door.

Her smile was bright, playful and yet seductive. Pure schoolgirl. “A few. Wait and see.”


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